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18 JANUARY 2020

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18th January 2020
6.00 pm


CCD East

Trade fair Dusseldorf


At the centre of the event is the International watersports industry get-together. For years, Europe's leading publisher of water sports media has brought the industry together at boot Düsseldorf. Trends, winners and networking form the focus of the high-profile event. 


6.30 pm

Study presentation "Current trends in leisure and consumer behavior - and how they will affect water sports in the future."

7.30 pm

Come-together with flying buffet

8.30 pm

Award ceremony

9.45 pm

Get-together with dessert buffet


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​​Björn Klinger has been a member of the Delius Klaisng publishing house for several years, developing communication solutions for marine businesses around the World.

Director Media Sales Water sports

Björn Klinger


Christian Ludewig is your first port of call for public relations at Delius Klasing. He will again lead you through Flagship Night this year.  

Director Public Relations

Christian Ludewig


Britta Langer assists you with Flagship Night from the first "Save-the-Date" to the night itself. If you have any questions regarding registration or the event, please contact her.

Media Sales Manager & Event Organisation

Britta Langer



We present the market research data every two years, 2019 at the latest. We can provide the standard evaluation of our customers at any time. In addition, further evaluations of your brand management and development are possible. The data comes from the readership surveys carried out in YACHT and BOOTE magazines, in collaboration with the market research institute - Market Research, Neuhausen.

You can download our Media Sales presentation of the Flagship Night 2020 here.

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Britta Langer

Event Organisation

Phone +49 521 559 259

Dear Visitor, 

If you have any questions regarding the registration or the event, please do not hesitate to contact me.